Karaoke and Level 1 Kalimdor Foot Race Contests Announced!
Taint-hosted Ventrillo Karaoke and in-game Level 1 foot race headline this year's Proudmoore Pride contests. Read more...

Rough Trade Radio is LIVE!
Rough Trade Radio is rocking out the mixes for Proudmoore Pride. Select from several mixes to play along with the party. Listen now!

Parade and Party Locations are Changing!
It's A Date!

About Proudmoore Pride
Hosted by The Spreading Taint (Horde) and The Stonewall Family (Alliance), Proudmoore Pride celebrates its 9th year on the (US) Proudmoore server in the World of Warcraft MMORPG.

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The Spreading Taint is a proud member of the Rough Trade Gaming Community.

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Watch videos from previous Proudmoore Pride celebrations!

Get in the mood and see what to expect with these highlights from the past, including the parades through the Barrens and the ultimate Azerothian dance party in Booty Bay!

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