5 Completely Abandoned Farmhouses That Come Back To Shine

5 Completely Abandoned Farmhouses That Come Back To Shine

How many times have we thought maybe we could renovate the old house inherited from grandparents and turn it into a delightful country house And how many times have we then shelved the idea immediately discouraged by the state of the rustic abandoned in question Sure, give new life to a rustic building in most cases is not a small matter, but trusting the experience and professionalism of an expert, we could really get amazing results! Let’s take a look at these 5 houses abandoned completely renovated and let us be inspired by the ideas of our experts to begin to plan our future new home in the countryside.

From abandoned house in glam villa

After restructuring an elegant country house characterized by strict forms.

Yes, the two photos show the same home, before and after care. It is a farm house in Tavira, Portugal, restored to its former glory (and maybe even a little ‘more). The team of experts that has renovated the building has chosen to retain the original lines, to integrate well with the surrounding landscape.

Even within the rustic elements like structure and some furniture, however, pushed together to trend details, such as for example the design of the chandelier, rather there the industrial chairs or the decorazoni the walls were maintained. The result is an eclectic mix of great impact glam.

Surprise the fallow land around the house has been transformed into a modern space solarium complete with a small swimming pool to cool off during the hot summer months!

rustic uninhabited mansion

After the renovation a fine country house in rough stone.

Also this house, like the previous one, is in Portugal and is distinguished-looking resigned and anonymous that distinguishes the country cottages. The intent of the recipero therefore was to give personality to the building, while keeping intact the elements main aesthetically, as the stone cladding ceilings and the roof profile. E ‘it was therefore complied with the general design but were added some modern elements, to add a contemporary feel to the house.

From crumbling ruin a house with a garden

The original structure was retained only the shell, the external form, because everything else is distorted layer. starting with the elimination of the plaster white in favor of raw stone, until the opening of new windows on the short side of the building, rather than the demolition of the outside staircase to access.

Also in the bathroom it is the rustic-modern alternation was maintained in order to create a high-impact environment, in which the wood beams and stone gray create a contrast effect with the total white that characterizes most of the room.

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