5 reasons why you should buy a smartphone with Qualcomm processor

I admit it, I did not want to have to be forced to do this article, but experience has forced me. For years, I have been testing different processors from all the companies, Qualcomm, MediaTek, Kirin, Exynos … And the truth is that Qualcomm has always seemed the best, although I accepted other possibilities.

However, after going through a few terminals with different processors, I was forced to tell you why you should buy a phone with a Qualcomm processor, so let’s go there.

5 reasons why you should buy a smartphone with Qualcomm processor


Yes, we all know that the battery depends on multiple factors like the capacity of the same, the panel, the use, the coverage … However, I have been able to live a recent experience that has left me with my mouth open. Specifically, I have been testing with a single phone, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4.

One with Qualcomm processor, the 625, and another with MediaTek processor, Helio X20. Without words, that’s how I stayed. The version with Qualcomm has made me by the order of 8 / 9h of screen, while the MediaTek barely exceeds 5. The two with the same use, same applications and everything, we talk about half the battery.

And no, it’s not just MediaTek, I’ve tried some devices like the Huawei P10, with battery to spare and 3200mAh for just 5 inches. Result? Impossible to spend from 19:00 in the afternoon, as the Kirin swallows as if there was no tomorrow. And no, I do not want you to tell me that your Mate 9 lasts a lot, because with 4000mAh it could not be otherwise.

The bottom line is that Qualcomm processors have more energy-efficient cores, and this is noticeable in every way. Dot for Snapdragon.

Gaming Performance

Another aspect that I walk with the fly behind the ear is the theme of the gameplay, especially with MediaTek processors. There is no doubt that the Adreno GPUs are the most powerful on the market, practically twice as much as the competitors. However, although they may not be as powerful, other GPUs should work well enough.

As I was saying, I have a Redmi Note 4 with the Helio X20, and also a Helio P10. In both of them I have serious problems with several games, because of the GPU. Redrawn, graphic bugs, in short a disastrous experience with mobiles that should work perfectly in any situation. Not like that, MediaTek.

Updates and community

This is an old topic already, but the phones with Qualcomm processors have an amazing community. Finding a decent ROM for a MediaTek, Kirin or Exynos processor is a real adventure, and there are always drivers that get lost along the way, causing bugs to be noticed.

Only Qualcomm releases the drivers of its processors, making the community much easier. As for the official support, there are many more terminals with Snapdragon in Nougat compared to the competition.

General Optimization

Here we enter the point where subjectivity comes into play. Qualcomm processors work better than the rest, but I can not tell you why. When manufacturers make a good conjunction between software and hardware it is noticed, but when this conjunction of doing with a Qualcomm the experience is brutal.

I can assure you that if you put a Helio X25 or a Kirin 960 to a Google Pixel, it will not work just like a Snapdragon 821. Again the drivers come into play, and the magic of Qualcomm is noticed.

Better photos, believe it or not

The processor has a lot of importance when taking pictures, that you did not know? For starters, if the processor is top you can shoot photos much faster, and the processing of these in the gallery will be much better. Apart from this, processors like the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 have specially dedicated drivers for the camera.

Phones like the Google Pixel make use of them, and that has helped make this the mobile with the best camera on the market. Competition processors neglect more of something aspect, and this is noticed in the processing of the images before saving them in the gallery and the speed of shooting.


Yes, you may have a Samsung Galaxy S8 or a Huawei P10 and you’re putting your hands to the head with this article. But you have to understand that there are a lot of processors in the market, and we are doing an overview of the current processors. The truth is that, whatever the range is, we are with Qualcomm, for its updates, support, energy management and GPU performance.

What processors do you have?

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