6 Color Combinations For A Kitchen That Breathes New Air

6 Color Combinations For A Kitchen That Breathes New Air
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Even the kitchen is a room to be exploited in every way. Given its great importance to every resident, it is always an excellent thing to make sure that the cooking area meets the necessary functionality requirements, but without neglecting the aesthetic side! Today we propose then 6 color combinations that can, depending on the chosen style, giving practicality and beauty to your kitchen. Ready with pen and paper in hand

Total white with colorful details

Which color scheme is better than a total white Undoubtedly on the podium of the most current trends in cuisine (and not only!), White all will give a real boost of light to smaller sizes and uninhabitable. Do not miss out a touch of color for seating and accessories!

Black and white

A great classic of elegance healthy carrier black & white is the most common combination in all areas of lifestyle, including home decor. If you are passionate, choose it for your new kitchen but keep in mind a tip opt for the white on the most prominent and continuous use of surfaces, to avoid too much visibility of halos.

Details of elegance and glamor

Elegance is the keynote of the interiors, which surrounds the kitchen, the recreation area until the small dining area recreated in a corner. Each piece of furniture, every detail, every accessory ensure that the end result is an explosion of taste and elegance, nothing further-looking initial roof.

the jacuzzi

Before discovering the other outdoor area, we can not dwell on the last corner of interest that internal reserve there. We speak of the small spa area. A large Jacuzzi, in fact, looks like a great temptation to which it is impossible to resist. The area is separated from the other through transparent windows, while the other side faces towards the outside.

Breathtaking views

The view from the jacuzzi could not be more interesting … addition to the landscape in fact, has an open access to the second part of the terrace,

The final touch

And here it is the swimming pool, raised above the level of the floor and perfectly finished in blue and white mosaics. Needless to say, his presence alone makes the whole luxury and style .. corner of unparalleled charm! A cascade of water plunges into the pool through a clear wall, while all around there are beach chairs and everything you need to transform it into a large and sweet cuddle!

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