Ability to Maintain Benefits of Broccoli Juice Healthy Skin Naturally

A recent study conducted health experts from the United States found that the benefits of broccoli juice can protect the skin from ultraviolet light and help you lose weight. Through the results of experiments on humans and animals, broccoli able to maintain healthy skin from the sun. This is thanks to the content of sulforaphane of antioxidants that may help prevent skin inflammation and tumor development.

broccoli vegetable juice recipes
Broccoli with remarkable properties for health


It has a lot of beauty products that promise health protection skin since 30 years ago. However, over time virtually all of these products contain chemicals. So it is not surprising that these chemicals enter the body through the skin media. Of course it would be healthier and safer if you use a natural way of making vegetable juice broccoli.


Benefits of Broccoli Can Prevent Breast Cancer

Efficacy of broccoli for health can also prevent the emergence of cancer, especially breast cancer commonly affects women. By consuming vegetable juice, you will be spared from malignant disease feared all women.

Here are the facts why broccoli juice can prevent breast cancer:
Broccoli is a vegetable that is included in the cabbage family. These vegetables shown to have anti-cancer effects and sources of vitamin C.
A cup of broccoli vegetable protein which is equivalent to a cup of rice or corn with only 1/3 the amount of calories.
Green broccoli juice drink regularly every day will reduce the risk of breast cancer.
Because of the bitter taste, you can mix broccoli juice with other ingredients such as apples and carrots.
The content of the vegetable broccoli that is capable of fighting cancer is vitamin C, folic acid, potassium and other nutrients.

Thanks to the composition of vitamins A and K, as well as the high fiber content in it, the consumption of processed broccoli is useful to help the success of diet programs you run. Moreover, if mixed with other vegetables such as green peppers are rich in lycopene, potassium, beta-carotene, and fiber then the result will increase the body’s metabolism so that weight can be decreased in a short time.


How to prepare Broccoli Vegetable Juices Without Being Bitter Taste

1. Juice green broccoli
hijauBahan broccoli juice image-material:
100 grams of green broccoli
200 ml of boiled water
50 ml of sweet orange juice

How to prepare:
Cut broccoli and stems. Blender with lukewarm water until smooth. Remove then strain and set aside.
Mix with lemon juice so that the taste of broccoli juice is not bitter.
Stir and pour into serving glasses. If necessary, add ice cubes in it.

2. Juice broccoli spinach
brokoliBahan vegetable juice ingredients:
100 grams of broccoli
25 grams of spinach leaves
200 ml of boiled water
50 ml of sweet orange juice

How to make:
Cut the broccoli with the stem (5 cm from the top).
Blender with spinach leaves and 200 ml of water, wait until smooth.
Mix with lemon juice so as not to feel bitter.
Stir and serve immediately.

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