A Attic That Lets Mouth Open Anyone Visiting Him

A Attic That Lets Mouth Open Anyone Visiting Him

This beautiful apartment, managed by MODO ARCHITETTURA, was built in a wonderful penthouse in Livorno, with all the benefits of the case panoramic view, large windows, lofts. In short, it is a masterpiece of volleyball games and skillful choices at the lighting level. The strong point of the residence is the living area the living room develops naturally into the dining room and then into the kitchen … there is a surprise! Curious Let’s start the tour!

The living area – part 1

Here is a view of the living area, from which you immediately perceive the continuity of spaces, allowing light to flow freely https://www.solasbars.com. Floating parquet is a unifying element between the living room and the dining room and makes it a warm environment where white and gray prevail. As for this, the choice of plants is also great.

The living area – part 2

The living room is characterized by the niche in which the sofa is placed. This space is devoted to conversation, company and its importance is reiterated by the light that, placed in the countertop, spreads gently on the gray wall.

The dining room

The dining room is a modern space with a table with geometric and rigorous design and refined and elegant design chairs. Suspended lights without lampshade give this industrial touch, which gives a grim tone to space.

The kitchen

The kitchen has something romantic, reminds us of Parisian apartments. It will be for the wide half-moon window, it will be for the chairs of French Philippe Stark or for the combination of wood and dark furnishings, will be the beautiful tiles, but this space really has a peculiar character!

The detail of the window

The window is undoubtedly an element that adds much to this space.

The corridor

Passage spaces must also be kept in the slightest detail. This corridor is so rich in detail that there is nothing to envy in the living room, as it is in style! The console with modern style lamps, flowers, large mirror with decorative frame and finally porthole at the end of the path are all elements that make this a spectacular space, even though it is only a corridor.

Space for tv

If what we saw before was the environment in which to receive in great style, this is the informal and relaxed space to enjoy the tranquility in front of the tv. The overhead ceiling gives intimacy to this space.

The bathrooms – part 1

Bathrooms are two, in this we find a beautiful tub, which invites you to relax. Resin finishes, so clean and elegant, make it absolutely perfect. The choice of placing a wooden cabinet that breaks the atmosphere a bit!

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