A Banal And Boring Apartment Starts From Zero

A Banal And Boring Apartment Starts From Zero

Our homes are a reflection of who we are and our accumulated experience. Some of us also, without realizing it, they begin more than bring a huge clutter accumulating things in bulk, without thinking too much about how their presence will affect the overall design scheme. Fortunately, there are some surprising design experts that with something very similar to magic, that taste good, they are able to renew the house, that is, to eliminate the chaos and turn a small disaster into a real gem! So come take a look at this interesting before and after, a project of interior designers and decorators of the Light and Salt Design in Seongnam, Korea.

Spice so simple you can!

If coatings stones, small paths and vegetation that require special irrigation systems are definitely out of budget No problem. An interesting solution is to use all the big pots scattered around the house and line them up against the wall of a corridor with light from above. You can play with a variety of sizes and species in complete freedom.

A touch of green to revolutionize the look of a narrow hallway with staircase

The gardens under the stairs are among the best opportunities to take advantage of unused space. Usually we think of the gardens in the hallway as something to cross, but in this case it is the opposite this example is a sonnet that enhances the usefulness of the useless.

An elegant raised garden with stone cladding

A stone floor space is an interesting idea that is well suited to accommodate various interior decoration. You can include, for example lights and even small jets of water to evoke an atmosphere Zen, the important thing is to distribute good objects in space making that do not collide with its forms.

Lush vegetation beside the door and on the floor

This could be an interesting reference to look to create a small garden at the entrance of your home. In addition, of course, to embellish the facade offers an impression of welcome that guests certainly will speak in the future.

P.S. Why not equip the floor of your room with a layer of actual vegetation or artificial

The smaller angle may be a micro paradise

Everything is good in organizing the few decorative elements in order to enforce the comfort due to a transit place, and at the same time it reflects the better your style.

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