Benefits Behind Pecan Seasoning


The plants growing spread in the tropics, the height of about 15-25 meters and
pale green leaves.

Hazelnut crop comes from Hawaii many
found in Indonesia.
These herbs not only menyedapkan dishes, but can be used for
hair care to eradicate the tumor.

Behind its small, hazelnut save a lot of oil
so it is not recommended for those who have oily skin, because it can
cause acne. Hazelnut widely used for hair care, can
melebatkan used to blacken and hair, could be to overcome
dry and damaged hair.

In Hawaii, pecan usually used fuel torch, candle arranged
elongated and burned as a light source. This proves that the oil content in
hazelnut is very high, even in its development, is now used hazelnut estrak
as fuel for oil lamps.

In Japan, the pecan tree bark studied and used for healing
tumor, and research is still being developed. While in Indonesia and Malaysia,
pecan seasoning is transformed into the flavor of various foods.
Changing food becomes more savory and steady taste.

Eits, but it seems we still have to be careful you know, recently the
developing, pecans contain toxic ingredients with a light force,
so it is not recommended to be consumed raw moment. So be sure to
menyangrainya first before you use for seasoning or

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