Benefits And Benefits Betel Leaves For Health


Benefits Betel leaf – Betel Has Its Latin name Piper betle plant commonly known as creeping and usually rely on another tree has a characteristic capable Growing Plants reach a height of 15 meters, while that for the Trunk of the betel plant is shaped moon and berwaran Brownish with The pattern sections of the stalks like bamboo tree, this is where the release of the roots of the betel plant, the leaves are now on we will discuss this thing leaves Siri or Benefits Benefits Betel leaf has a heart-shaped leaves, with alternating shapes and edges bersalang Tapered shaped, what if this Betel leaf crumple it will emit a distinctive odor of fresh betel leaves this.

Benefits Daun Sirih
Betel leaf illustration
People Antiquity utilize this as a betel leaf plants that must exist every day, due to be made in Chaw in their everyday life, usually in Eat betel leaves along Gambir, Kampur and also Pinang, and in this way Di believed capable of making teeth into Long lasting, and rarely perforated, Well for that we will try to discuss in this article, Let us refer to together below.


Benefits And Benefits Daun Sirih

1. Water Denan Betel leaf decoction can be used to clean eye

2. Also betel leaf can eliminate underarm odor

3. Can be used for treating teeth and swollen gums. It’s easy, chewing betel leaves Green sufficiently. Or rinsing with betel leaf decoction is. Toothache and swollen gums, will gradually disappear.

4. Betel Leaves Green, believed to be to treat vaginal discharge. Boil the leaves with moderation. Can be taken, in addition to the water to wash the vagina.

5. For those who are affected by canker sores, green betel leaf, can be a good solution. Chew the leaves or gargle with a decoction.

6. When regularly gargled with green betel stew, unpleasant mouth odor will disappear.

7. Able to treat burns. The trick grab betel leaf green, heat that wilted, then put on the burns.

8. When the nose kept bleeding (nosebleeds), Green betel leaf rolls stuffed in the nose, can make the blood that came out was stopped. So it can be used as medicine nosebleed.

9. Eliminate itching on the skin. The way Green betel leaf smeared collision, into parts of the body that itch, itch so undoubtedly subside or even disappear altogether.

10. Green Betel leaves can also be to treat eczema, or other skin diseases.

11. Plants Green Betel, it can repel ants, mosquitoes, flies and other insects. In the vicinity of the location of these plants, ants and insects would step aside.

12. Fluid Green betel leaf can be used for medicinal and non-lethal pest spray plants. Disease and lice that attack the crop will be lost.

13. Green Betel, leaves are also believed to be able to treat dengue. Drink decoction of the leaves, can kill germs that cause dengue fever. Or apply mill betel leaf Green to the body, smeared, mosquitoes causing dengue fever did not dare to bite.

14. Drinking boiled water can facilitate irregular menstruation

15. The betel leaves are able to treat Asthma

Betel leaves 16. Able to Treat strep throat

After this article membacaa Of course we will be moved to this one Planting plants in our yard or garden, because tenyatata Betel Leaves possess so many benefits for your health or for our environment,

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