Benefits Tomato Mask for Face Skin


Benefits Tomato Mask for Face Skin
Benefits Tomato Mask for Face Skin
Benefits for Skin Facial Mask Tomatoes – Tomatoes are a fruit that has a lot of nutritional content, so naturally if tomatoes are often used to maintain a healthy body. Tomatoes contain a number of vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K. In addition, tomatoes also contain potassium, thiamin, folate, niacin, and a variety of other minerals such as copper, phosphorous, and magnesium.

In addition to maintaining a healthy body, tomatoes can also be used for beauty treatments, especially for the skin. You do this by consuming tomatoes directly, or make it as a mask material. Benefits tomato mask for facial skin very much, and of course the mask is safer when compared to mask product that is in the outcome there.

Tomato mask use is recommended because of the high content of vitamins and antioxidants in tomatoes that works well in maintaining skin health. With regular tomatoes as an ingredient to make a mask, the skin will look radiant and beautiful naturally.


Here are some of the benefits from the use of masks tomato to maintain skin health and beauty:

Acne can be said that a universal problem for everyone. Cosmetic products on the market may be able to overcome these problems in some people, but not rare products such as these do not deliver tangible results. For those of you who have this condition, it would be nice if you use natural means such as utilizing tomatoes.

Quite easy, crushed fresh tomatoes using a blender, and then apply this herb directly on your skin. Let stand for 20 to 30 minutes, then wash your face. Benefits tomato mask for acne has proven its value, and of course is a very safe way to implement than using chemicals.

Shrink pores

A face that has large pores very easily clogged by dirt and dust, thus potentially face covered with acne or blackheads. Vitamins contained in the tomatoes it can serve to shrink pores. Simply by using the mask tomatoes regularly, the pores will shrink by itself. To get optimal results, you can use a mask tomatoes with a mixture of lemon juice.

Overcoming excess oil

Benefits tomato mask for facial skin further is to reduce the levels of excess oil on the face. As is known THAT excess oil on the face is very disturbing appearance as well as a major trigger acne. By utilizing the water of tomato juice as a mask, then the oil on the face can be controlled by either astringent thanks to the content contained in tomatoes.

Recovering sunburned skin

Exposure to direct sunlight would be very dangerous for the health of the skin. Here, the role of tomato fruit is used as a mask, which is to restore the condition of the skin burnt by the sun. You can make the tomato as a mask material and mix it with plain yogurt and apply on the skin are burned.

Make faces remain fresh

The last benefit of the use of tomatoes as a face mask is to make the skin look more radiant fresh nan. You can get a fresh face to the use of tomatoes as a mask that has been mixed with honey. By doing this treatment regularly, the dull skin will look radiant and fresh natural.

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