Characteristics, Types and benefits of cayenne pepper  

Traits and Characteristics of cayenne pepper
Cayenne pepper plant is one form of shrubs and a seasonal plant species. The plant height reaches 50-100 cm. This plant has the branches and twigs, covered by fruit and flowers. Fruit production plant is very dependent on the number of branches and twigs, which means that more and more branches and twigs, the more the amount of fruit. Cayenne pepper plant roots, including root fibers which have many branches on the ground, the roots of this plant can only penetrate the shallow groundwater is estimated at only able to penetrate the soil depth of about 25-40 cm. The leaves of this plant is elliptical with a pointed end and a section of bone pinnate leaves, about 4-8 cm in length and a width of about 2-4 cm.

Traits and Characteristics of cayenne pepper
Traits and Characteristics of cayenne pepper
Interest on the outstanding chili plants on the sidelines every twig in a state of hanging, have 4-6 petals with a length of less interest than about 1-1.5 cm and a width of about 0.5 cm, and 0.5 cm stem length , While the fruit itself cayenne oval with pointed tip, varying in size there are large and small unisex. Cayenne pepper fruit that is still young are generally not too spicy, but after dark or after being cooked, it will change very spicy. Chilies color when young usually light green and will turn red when ripe cayenne pepper, this color can be used to distinguish whether cayenne ripe or not and how it feels.

Cayenne touted coming from South America which are then cultivated by the Indians for cooking purposes. Sometime cayenne started to go and cultivated in Indonesia, which is evident today in Indonesia cayenne become one of the spices that are sought after and used in various dishes. Plants of these spices have also now been spread throughout the world.

Types of cayenne pepper
Based on the size and color, type of chili is divided into three, namely:

Small chili
This type of cayenne pepper has the form of small fruit, green, and standing upright on the stem.
Cayenne white
Shaped fruit is relatively larger than a small chili, and has a white color when young and turns into orange when older or when it has matured.
Is chili with large fruit, have a green color when young and turn red during the dark or when ripe.
Benefits and content of cayenne pepper
Cabe benefits Rawit
Cabe benefits Rawit
Cayenne itself turns out to contain capsaicin, kapsantin, carotenoids, alkaloids, resins, essential oils, and vitamins A and C. Therefore, cayenne has a variety of content, then the chili has many benefits, including: helping increase appetite, normalize the feet and hands were limp, relieve cough with phlegm, relieve nasal congestion sinusitis, migraine, reducing the risk of cancer, and reduce the risk of stroke. Cayenne pepper is also touted as a natural antibiotic.

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