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If you look at the calendar, you must realize this year a lot of long weekends huh? A short break and a vacation seem to be a must if every day at work always racket brains.

Going home the mind can be fresh again so you can express many ideas. Vacation for refreshing does not have to be expensive really, travelers. Pegipegi have a recommendation of a frugal vacation spot in cities in Indonesia that is right for you all. Check it out!


Bandung West Java)
Bandung became the closest escape for the citizens of the capital. The distance is not too far and the resort is also complete. From entertainment, culinary, shopping, culture, history, and more. If you want to find a Seger-Seger also exist. Travelers can go to Lembang area. There are many attractions, such as Tangkuban Perahu, De ‘Ranch, and Maribaya. A typical cool mountain air will always accompany all holiday travelers. There is also FML or Floating Market Lembang with a floating market similar to the Barito River. Fun is it, travelers?

Sibolga (North Sumatra)
The city is in North Sumatra is also suitable to serve as a tourist destination for you who want to spend a long weekend, school holidays, year-end holidays, and Eid. The contours of the soil are also so varied, some are slopes, beaches, and mountains. The resort is also quite a lot and mostly in the form of marine tourism, such as Poncan Island, Situngkus Island, Pig Island and Island Dog. So really fitting for travelers who like diving and snorkeling.

Yogyakarta (Yogyakarta)
The rainy season in Jogja takes place from October to March when it rains almost every day. In the morning the sky is usually still bright, the day was shady because the sky began covered with cloudy, late afternoon or night before it rained.

There are many reasons people come to Jogja during the rainy season. Honeymooners know very well that the rain will add romance to this city. The traveler likes the tourist attractions in Yogyakarta that are not as busy as usual, some beaches even feel like private property. Photographers look forward to the rare moments to be captured in stunning photos. For some people, the rainy season is the best time to visit Jogja.

Tourist attractions in the city of Yogyakarta are also complete, both for children and adults. Starting from Malioboro, Kraton, Taman Sari, Taman Pintar, Batik Museum, Vredeburg Museum, Jogja Kembali Monument, and much more. Its location close to the Borobodur Temple also makes many tourists make this student city as a temporary shelter. For your accommodation do not worry. Starting from a five-star hotel to a guesthouse class. Starting from sellers angering to restaurants. So, no matter your pockets thick or thin, travelers can all enjoy the cool atmosphere of Yogyakarta.

Solo (Central Java)

If you are planning to go to Yogyakarta, do not forget to play to Solo. You see, in Solo also many beautiful sights that you can visit. By enjoying 7 tourist attractions in Solo here is guaranteed you will love more with the nature and culture of Indonesia!


Danar Hadi Museum is a museum that collects various models of batik. Not only local batik but also batik from various countries. In fact, there are antique batik-batik that has existed since the Dutch colonial period, Japan, even to Indonesia’s independence. If you come there, you will be able to distinguish various types of batik, such as batik Kraton, Dutch batik, Chinese batik, Hokokai batik, and batik Indonesia. There you are required to keep batik there is not damaged and dirty. The trick is not to touch it. You can also photograph the collection of batik there as long as you do not use a flash camera.


In the past, this place is the kingdom of Mataram, but because of political problems with the Netherlands finally, Mataram Kingdom is split into two, namely Kasunanan Surakarta led by Pakubowono III and Yogyakarta Sultanate led by Prince Mangkubumi. Surakarta Hadiningrat Sultanun Palace is the forerunner of Surakarta city better known as Solo city. Pakubuwono III established this palace since 1744, so this place holds a lot of historical value about Solo. Uniquely, the architecture of this palace inspired from Europe and Java with shades of white and blue.


Taman Sriwedari is a park in District Lawiyan which is identical with the element of history. Once upon a time, this park is presented as a royal family recreation place. Because Sultan Pakubuwono X inspired the myth of the existence of a garden in heaven. Now, anyone can come here for a trip. The longer, the more crowded visitors, especially there is Gedung Wayang Orang Sriwedari that show the art of wayang with the theme of Mahabharata and Ramayana story. There are also many entertainment facilities for all ages, small restaurants, and souvenir sales booths.
Neighbors from the city of Yogyakarta is also very suitable for nice holiday with a Bus Pariwisata. The traditional nuance is so thick. Assimilation between modernity and culture make travelers feel at home to stay for long in this batik city. You can plebian to the palace, Galabo, Pandawa Water Park, Klewer Market, and of course enjoy the afternoon at Solo City Walk while traveling culinary. Even though the night before, the city of Solo is still awake with the activities of tourists and local communities.

Malang (East Java)
The city has a cool air is pretty tho travelers. Lots of rides games you can go. So, really suitable for family holidays. There is Eco Green Park, East Java Park I, II, Batu City Square, and Batu Night Spectacular. The ticket price is affordable and you can have fun to be satisfied. Do not bother about lodging, accommodation, transportation, and culinary because the rates are very friendly.

Purwokerto (Central Java)

This small town is not far from Jakarta and can be reached by train. The people are friendly and the attractions are also quite a lot. If you come here, do not miss Baturaden yes. You could say Baturaden is a favorite place of local people. In addition, there is also a waterfall shower Pitu Cipendok and can make you spellbound with its natural beauty.

How are the travelers? Interesting right place Pegipegi holiday recommends saving the above? Well, let me not bother looking for lodging, peep only cheap hotels in the city through the website Pegipegi. Have a good vacation!

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