Choose Where VS Stand Mixer Hand Mixer?

Are you ever confused to decide using a hand mixer or stand mixer as a tool for making cakes? Both of these tools have their advantages and disadvantages of each in its use. Both also can easily get to the nearest store cooking equipment, or you can buy them online at various online shop, such as for example Oxone stand mixer can you get online. However, before buying, you should knowing second difference this mixer.

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What is a Hand mixer?

Hand Mixer better known through its function, there are two main functions of the hand mixer:

  • Eggbeater, is also known as a hand mixer has a button for operation. Usually, this tool has two tools stirrer. In use, this tool requires two hands.
  • Electric hand mixer, this tool is a modern version of an eggbeater. Enable button operation and the device will work by itself.


  • Cheaper than a stand mixer
  • easy to clean
  • Does not take up much space in the use
  • Suitable for light dough like whipped cream and eggs
  • Hand mixer can be used with any container


  • Strength is not as big a hand mixer stand mixer because it has a smaller engine.
  • The dough is being made may spill because the container used can be easily moved.
  • If the mixer used is too large, it will be difficult to stir the dough slightly.

What the Stand mixer?

Stand mixers have a solid appearance because it has a large enough engine. In addition there is a container that can be used for processing the dough. Typically, the stand mixer has a wide range of models stirrer, good mixer used for egg whites and whipped cream, and kneading.


  • The container used is greater, thereby reducing the risk of spill dough
  • Containers that are not easily move allows you to leave the mixer to work without having to be held.
  • It takes a lot of time in use.
  • Usually a stand mixer fitted with a timer and other auxiliaries.


  • More difficult to clean
  • More expensive than with a hand mixer
  • Has a fairly heavy weight, because the size is big enough, but it takes a lot of places.

How, what mixer you’ve decided which suit your needs?

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