How To Clean And Plush Dolls, The Advice Not To Spoil Children’s Games

How To Clean And Plush Dolls, The Advice Not To Spoil Children’s Games

Let’s find out how to clean and plush dolls and advice not to spoil children’s games. Here’s a quick guide for the water washing or dry childhood friends most beloved little ones.

Soft toys and dolls are inseparable friends of children and girls. Often, just because our children give him the torment, these games get dirty or, more simply, fill with dust and mites. There are precautions that you should follow to clean the plush toys and dolls, in order to keep them as long as possible and not to damage these precious children’s games, keeping them in the years always nice and clean.

How to clean the plush

The toys are made, in fact, bears, a special fabric made from natural or synthetic fibers, characterized by a long-haired and soft This type of fabric is often machine washable, when the label on the doll will display the symbol, or dry.

The main reason why wash soft toys of our children, however, is not to keep them beautiful and just, but also because of the fact that these games are filled with dust and mites, a major cause of asthma, allergies and respiratory troubles. How should we do to eliminate these pesky allergens and keep plush beautiful “perky”?

The first trick to wash and clean the plush is the dry cleaning with baking soda:

Take a clean envelope
Spray with water
Spray the plush with just enough water to moisten
Put it in the envelope and stir 2-3 tablespoons of baking
Close the bag and beat very well in the plush it be imbibed totally baking soda
Now let the plush in baking for 12 hours and at least this way you will eliminate all dust mites and dust residue on plush
Well brushed well with a stiff brush from baking soda and let it dry in the sun.

According makeup and advice

A second way to keep plush cleaned and disinfected is to put them in the freezer:

Put the soft toys in a clean envelope and leave everything in the freezer for a whole night: the mites will certainly be dead at those temperatures.
Brush the stuffed at this point will be perfectly clean and revitalized.

If you want to wash it in water or in the washing machine make sure that there are no gears or plush musical instruments such as chimes and so on and proceed to wash the temperature indicated on the label.

Cleaning dolls

The dolls should be cleaned and disinfected by the same token the plush although, unlike the latter, the dolls do not retain mites as puppets. Anyway, also the doll goes washed and disinfected and the delicate parts as the hair should be treated with care.

The most important thing is to be careful not to use solvents that irreparably ruin the doll and that may come into contact with children when they will use it to play again.

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