Definition of Duties & Responsibilities HRD


Understanding Duties & Responsibilities HRD – HRD (Human Resources Development) or in Indonesian means human resource development, and if interpreted mesin jahit singer grammatically have meaning a group of people or a team who has the task of developing the human resources or employee in a company or organization. HRD main task is to make every employee in a company or organization is able to maximize the best capabilities of each individual employee to serve the company better.

Each employee is an asset to the company and maintain these assets is critical to the success of a company or organization. HRD assigned to ensure the talent and ability to function properly. Each employee is equally got a chance to grow, get better training with the ability, training and polishing etc.

Understanding HR Duties & Responsibilities

skill requirements
Time management skills are a must for HRD need to deal with all the employees of the company / branch.
HR may need to build a strategy, adding the program benefits, solve problems and manage time and work flow of each employee.

HR professionalism
The professional approach at every step is a must.

recommendations HRD
Beneficial for all employees must be the same and reasoning must be transparent.

HRD task
Duties and responsibilities of the HR depends on the size of the company and the amount of human resources employed. HRD stereotypes task to recruit employees, maintain the company’s profit as a priority. But the main task of HR recruiting and polishing (developing) employees.

The basic task of HRD
Recruiting personnel for positions that fit their abilities.
Provide training and staff development.
Monitoring the performance of each employee.
Deciding administration appointments and compensation.
Payment Distribution Employees
Employee surveys and grading.
Monitoring health and safety equipment for employees.
Trouble shooting and problem solving for employees.
Maintaining relationships with every employee.
Forming teams for specific projects, etc.
HRD Education Requirements
Bachelor’s degree from a college that specializes in human resources such as law, psychology. Heavy Duties and responsibilities are determined by the selection criteria that vary from each company and also depends on recruiters.

Tips for HRD
Keep the good conditions with every employee.
Be someone who needed help when they need you. Listen to their problems and help them find solutions.
Innovative and different. This way you can take the maximum attention of the employees.
Appreciative. Give praise to employees when they do a good job.

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