Earthquake Safety Tips When Building Storey

As already known Jakarta is a big city that has a lot of buildings. Obviously, it would be dangerous if later Jakarta shaken by an earthquake. Especially mentioned there are 12 potential earthquake sources shaken Jakarta. Then what to do during an earthquake?

If you see so many sources of potential earthquake shaken Jakarta , Jakarta residents should be vigilant. Surely this vigilance must be accompanied with the knowledge of what to do during an earthquake and knowledge to save lives.

To that end, here are some tips or steps that need to be done in order to be safe from earthquakes while in the office or other tall buildings. These tips are presented by Hadianto W of Jakarta Rescue at a seminar on ” Mitigating Earthquake Evacuation Measures in Multi-storey building ” as

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Measures to be undertaken are:

1. Do not panic. Stay calm.
2. Drop to the floor in a squatting position. Look for a sturdy protective, can be a table, chair or other.
3. If a patron there is no solid part of the building look like a pillar. Do not take refuge in the walls are made of plywood.
4. Observe the situation around. Do not just because of the earthquake and then flocked down the stairs. This can actually lead to accidents.
5. If you want to go down, use the stairs. Instead of escalators or elevators.

Handianto added, high rise buildings must have a floor captain and building commander . The person in charge sebaga floor captain will act provides instruction on every floor, while building the commander responsible for the overall building.

To improve the atmosphere safe and do not panic, high rise buildings must provide room meeting point . The room will be used to gather the occupants upstairs. Because, for safer occupant upper floor can only be down 2 floor during the earthquake.

So suppose there are 20 floors, then at least there should be 9 meeting point. It would be beneficial to keep the occupants to remain calm and not panic. Residents who want to get off, had to follow the command of the floor captain and commander building to prevent the crowd.

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