First – A Bright Kitchen But Poorly Organized

First – A Bright Kitchen But Poorly Organized

This kitchen possessed a great potential, even if it develops in length and having a limited space. It was very bright and this feature should not be underestimated. On the other hand needed an intervention to improve appearance.

After – Lively and functional

Here is the result after the intervention of acctif design experts. The floor was covered with large gray tiles, the walls and the door have been painted white, and the background of the cuisine is characterized by a lively green acid that gives a touch of panache and fun environment.

First – A kitchen unusable

Here the picture speaks for itself! The kitchen was unusable dirty, decaying and very functional as well as aesthetically unappealing The tiles on the walls and on the floor were in very bad condition, not to mention the appliances. Fortunately intervened professionals 2 Construcciones Sea and Interiorismo!

After – Modernissima

The transformation is amazing! Not only has changed the style but also the era instead of old-fashioned tiles now have a stylish floor covered with parquet in shades of gray, the walls were painted white and the kitchen has been chosen an ultra modern design.

First – A space under construction

Now we take you to Barcelona in the Sagrada Familia area. In the picture you can see the beginning of work that affected the kitchen of an apartment purchased as an investment, to be put for rent. The kitchen, as a result, had to be functional, comfortable but at the same time attractive and stylish, in order to attract tourists.

After – A harmonious cuisine

And here’s the result! A practical and functional kitchen, stocked with everything you need, well lit and very refined. The L-shape allows you to create an independent environment even though it is an open kitchen. The white color of the surfaces, which merges with the walls, visually expands the space and does not weigh the environment.

If you want to see other examples of kitchens all white, take a look here The ‘timeless white kitchens

First – An old-fashioned kitchen

We conclude with this kitchen belonging to a house built in an old French factory. Although at first glance appears functional and in good condition, wooden furniture, combined with reddish tiles that cover the floor and part of the wall, they are heavy and outdated.

After – A very chic kitchen!

Thanks to the intervention of ‘interior design Alice Bizien the kitchen has totally changed appearance. From old-fashioned kitchen has turned into contemporary cuisine and ultra chic!

The old tiles that characterized the floor have been replaced by a PVC coating with a geometric design and super modern, blacks furniture has been chosen, which stand out on the white walls and the wooden beams on the ceiling have taken on a light gray color system in combination with the dominant tones in the environment. A transformation-boggling!

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