Impact of the Global Mount Krakatau eruption part1

Krakatau (English: Krakatoa ) is a volcanic archipelago is still active and is located in the Sunda Strait between Java and Sumatra are included in the natural reserve areas in Lampung province of Indonesia. This name was ever pinned on a volcanic peak there ( Krakatoa ) are gone because eruption itself on 26-27 August 1883. This name is also used for the surrounding island groups consisting of the remains of a much larger island of three volcanic peaks disappear in massive eruption in 1883.


Although an island in the Sunda Strait called “pointed mountain” (English: pointed mountain ), but in the western world, Krakatau contained in a map of 1611 made by Lucas Janszoon Waghenaer with the label ” Pulo Carcata ” ( Pulo is the Sundanese word for “island “). About two dozen variants pinned to her name, including Crackatouw , Cracatoa , and Krakatao (in the old Portuguese spelling). Spelling Krakatoa was first introduced by Wouter Schouten, a “high island is covered tree Krakatau” in October 1658. Meanwhile, the origin of the name of Indonesia’s Krakatoa is unclear.

Smithsonian Institution Global Volcanism Program cites the original naming Indonesia, Krakatau, as the correct name, but Krakatoa is also often used. When Krakatoa more common name in the English-speaking world, but the name Krakatau tends to be liked by others, including geologists. Earthquake kit list

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Eruption of Mount Krakatoa PURBA

From the data obtained in the area of ​​Mount Krakatau in the Sunda Strait, experts estimate that in ancient times there is an enormous mountain in the Sunda Strait which finally erupted explosively leaving a caldera (crater big) called Krakatoa Ancient, which is the parent of Mount Krakatoa erupted in 1883. the volcano is composed of andesitic rocks.

Time of the eruption was not detected clearly. However, no record of Ancient Krakatoa eruption taken from an Old Javanese text called Pustaka Raja Parwa dating from the year 416 AD. Among other things stated:

There was the sound of thunder from Mount Batuwara. There is also shaking the earth scary, total darkness, thunder and lightning. Then came the wind and rain storms were terrible and the whole storm darkens the whole world. A big flood came from Mount Batuwara and flow east toward Mount Kamula When water drowning, Java island split into two, creating islands of Sumatra.

Geologist Berend George Escher and some other experts argue that natural events are told from Mount Krakatau Ancient, which in the text called Mount Batuwara. According to the book Pustaka Raja Parwa the Ancient Krakatoa’s height reaches 2,000 meters above sea level, and the circle of beach reached 11 kilometers.

As a result of the great explosion, three-quarters were destroyed, leaving the body of Ancient Krakatoa caldera (large crater) in the Sunda Strait. The sides or edges of the crater known as Rakata, Long Island, and Sertung, in another note called Rakata Island Small Rakata and Sertung. The explosion was allegedly responsible for the occurrence of the dark ages on earth. Bubonic Plague of the case because the temperature cools. This plague has significantly reduced the number of people on earth.

Rakata, which is one of three the rest of the island of Krakatoa Ancient then grow in accordance with volcanic encouragement from within the bowels of the earth known as Krakatoa (or Mount Rakata) made of basaltic rock. Then, two volcanoes emerging from the center of the crater, called Mount Danan and Mount Perbuwatan are then fused with Mount Rakata appeared first. Unity is the third volcano called Mount Krakatoa.

Ancient eruption of Krakatoa is also thought to contribute to the top end of the heyday of ancient Persia, the transmutation of the Roman Empire to the Byzantine Empire, the end of the civilization of South Arabia, the loss of a great Maya city, Tikal and fall of Nazca civilization in South America is full of puzzles. Ancient Krakatoa explosion is estimated to last for 10 days at an estimated speed of mass vomit reach 1 million tons per second. The blast has formed a shield 20-150 meter thick atmosphere, lowering the temperature by 5-10 degrees for 10-20 years.

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