Italian Street Food, The Best Of Street Food By Region

Italian Street Food, The Best Of Street Food By Region

Italian street food, a long journey through Italy from Piedmont through the Lazio to Sicily, in search of the best street food. When visiting a city is vital savor the food of the local tradition that identifies the area as a great sandwich with fritters eaten in Palermo while you walk through its noisy streets. Between a hamburger, a pizza, a tasty sandwich and ice cream you can get lost in many delicious flavors thanks to the street food. For a journey of taste on the road we see some proposals not to be missed!

In Rome you can find solutions light and fast with high quality products. Many proposals to choose from, and all to be savored as the cones of fried cod or bologna sandwich or with the Ariccia pork or stuffed with many ingredients carefully selected, but also rice balls and streamers of hot pizza slices. It should be strong now Roman street food, so much so that in the capital continue to proliferate and inaugurate new premises. Moving in the Marche the flat road not to be missed is the sandwich with ribs (guts of veal or lamb) or with sausages and chops; once food to eat on the fly very common in the area of Ancona, today the ribs can be found almost everywhere.

Moving in Sicily you can not enjoy a sandwich with fritters, tasty and delicious pancake made from chickpea flour typical of Palermo where they are consumed as food by the road, or Panu ca meusa, a sandwich with the innards of the calf (spleen and lung , complete with cartilage taken from the throat of calves) made fry in lard and served schettu, simple, with just a squeeze of lemon, or maritatu with cheese or cottage cheese. Personalities like Leonardo Sciascia and Salvatore Dali went crazy for this sandwich. In Milan, as in many cities of Lombardy, you can find many goodness fries served in foil. They became part of the Milanese tradition instead historians turnovers fried proposed in the historic local Luini, a short walk from the Duomo.

Hard to resist even a sandwich stuffed with sausage and broccoli, in a Cuoppo filled with fried fish and vegetables to eat slowly in front of the Gulf of Naples, while if you travel to Tuscany, the home of cheese and salami, a reference point for the Florentine street food is sbriciolona stuffed with cream cheese and sun-dried tomatoes or melanzanine and sandwiches accompanied by bacon and pecorino cheese.

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