Jean Paul Gaultier, Tears And Emotion For His Latest Collection

Jean Paul Gaultier, Tears And Emotion For His Latest Collection

Majestic, visionary, eclectic. It looks like this, just like the first time, the latest collection of Jean Paul Gaultier, who in Paris said goodbye to his pret-a-porter. 40 years of success and genius have brought on the catwalk not only a collection that, as usual, did not disappoint. He dragged with it also so much nostalgia and sadness, and emotion, affection, and a standing ovation by 1500 guests in the parade.

A mixture of wonder and melancholy, with the knowledge that will never be the same again Because with the departure of Jean Paul Gaultier it ends an era in some way that of his eclecticism. His ironic and irreverent way of bringing on the catwalk clothes, watch and mimic the society and its flaws.

Let me be clear, it will not be a goodbye in the round for Jean Paul Gaultier. At the end of the fashion show the creative genius explained

Now I want to do just what I like, dedicate myself to haute couture, perfumes, to the relationship with the stars. This is not a farewell to fashion, but an open door to a future of happiness and creativity!

A creative future, it is true. Jean Paul Gaultier has always been identified as the irreverent designer during his career did not hesitate to send the catwalk curvy women, older people, transvestites and strippers. His last show, of course, did not disappoint the expectations all dedicated to Miss France, the models paraded, with a band, on a rich parade of gags and show. Weather Miss, Miss Smoking, Miss Femme de Footballeur, Miss Cycliste, Miss De Palmay. It is not failure Miss Gaultier and the timeless Miss Marinière, who marched with the timeless striped shirts that made famous Jean Paul Gaultier.

Of course there have been surprises. By Miss fashion editor who marched dressed in bright green, in memory of Suzyy Menkes of the first manner, the 2 goodies of the parade the witty striptease Rossy De Palma, and the election of queen of the show for the mouse model Coco Rocha.

To support the designer in this last show of pret-a-porter, her friend of more and Catherine Deneuve and fellow designers like Pierre Cardini (92 years), Alber Elbaz, Rick Owen, Gareth Pugh, Antony Vaccarello.

Because America is better than Europe
Europe is collapsing because it is closing in on itself and on the past. In too many areas. And fashion, reflection of society, witness. It is no coincidence that Italian and French snub the ever more, while other countries admire it and follow it.

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