Learn to use Clash of Clans spells in your attacks

Since we started playing Clash of Clans we have told you a lot of things about getting gems, defend your village or attack to steal many resources among many others, but about the spells that you can use in your attacks we have hardly talked and the time comes To give you a few tips on the magic of Clash of Clans to help you decisively in your attacks.

In the spell factory, spells are developed that you can use later in your attacks. Just build the factory will only have a spell available but you can unlock a new one at each level that improves the factory and create a greater number of spells, so do not hesitate to level up the factory and improve the spells in the laboratory To make them more effective.

Lightning spell

The lightning spell consists of a six-ray blast that causes damage to troops and structures in a small radius of action. The rays are advisable to use them basically against infantry and to destroy some defensive structures:

  • Use it when the defensive troops are composed of barbarians and archers to kill them easily.
  • If you are looking for black elixir and the village you are going to attack has the well defended warehouse, a few rays will steal the black gold of the game.
  • At higher levels of the spell, you can use them to destroy mortars and thus pave the way for your infantry.
  • At level 5 of the spell, three consecutive lightning spells can destroy almost any enemy structure. This fact can be very useful to you to propose different strategies depending on the village that you are going to attack.

Healing spell

The healing spell regenerates the life of your troops (including healing) for approximately 15 seconds in a small radius of action. Can be decisive in attacks to steal resources and protect against defenses with area damage:

  • In goblin attacks with goblins it is indispensable to use it when the goblins are in the attack area of the mage towers.
  • If you plan an attack on several fronts with the aim of distracting on one side and destroying for another, using the healing spell on distracting troops will give you more time for the other troops to destroy the village.
  • If you attack villages with Torres Inferno you should know that the healing spell can not heal the damage done to your troops by this powerful tower.
  • When attacking with a good number of giants, you can take advantage of a large number of health points to use the healing spell when these troops have little life left to do double damage in your attack.

Rage spell

The rage spell increases the speed and attack power of all your troops for about 15 seconds in a small circle of action. Its effects on the troops serve for almost any strategy of attack:

  • Combined with the healing spell you will have an indestructible army for a short period of time that can wreak havoc on enemy villages.
  • Instead of using the spell on the troops it is better to use it in the zone that is expected that the troops are directed so that these can take advantage of more time the spell of rage.
  • Using the spell of rage on troops like P.E.K.K.As and dragons accompanied by a healer will result in real damage to the defenses while you will not need a healing spell for the P.E.K.K.As.
  • Applying the spell in rompemuros will cause them to be more harmful and at the same time more difficult to stop by enemy defenses.

Jumping Spell

The jump spell allows you to jump walls in the area that you indicated for about 9 seconds. In the first level of the spell only allows to jump to barbarians, archers, goblins and magicians while in level two of the spell you can jump walls your giants, P.E.K.K.As and heroes:

  • With level 1 of the spell, a good strategy is to use it along with rompemuros, so while you let the infantry jump the walls and distract the defenses, you can send rompemuros to destroy them and thus be able to advance with giants, P.E.K.K.As or heroes.
  • Required to use in villages with double and triple defensive walls to avoid a massacre between your troops.
  • This spell affects the walls not the troops with which you always have to use it on walls, in any other place will be of no use.

Ice Spell

The ice spell disables enemy troops and defenses for up to 6 seconds in a small radius of action, but will only affect enemy troops in the area of the spell when it is launched:

  • Against villages with Torres Inferno, the ice spell is your best weapon to neutralize your attack power and protect your troops for a few seconds.
  • If the castle of the clan of the village that you attack has powerful units like magicians or P.E.K.K.As, you must use the ice spell to paralyze them and thus avoid their damage.
  • In attacks with air troops, disabling air defenses with the ice spell and launching your troops for them is a good strategy to wipe out the village.

With all these tips and tricks you already have a base to start using the Clash of Clans Hack tool decisively in your attacks. There is still much to talk about the game so we’ll see you soon and do not hesitate to ask us any questions.

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