LG would be posing once again a LG G6 “Mini”

Since the arrival of the LG G4 the South Korean company has always produced a kind of trimmed version of the top of the range in question, such as the LG G4c or the LG G5 Mini.

Apparently the LG G6, this year’s flagship of LG, is not going to be less and will have small brother, possibly called LG G6 Mini and that will put some of the best qualities of the G6 to the supply of any pocket.

This would be the possible LG G6 Mini

Indeed, LG wants to continue trying the fashion of the “mini” phones with its latest top of the range, or at least that would indicate a latest rumor coming from TechnoBuffalo. However, it is still too early to state any details.

However, everything points to that we will have a device with an 80% body-to-screen ratio, which would maintain its 18: 9 aspect of its big brother and last that would have a panel of 5.4 inches. Unfortunately, the rest of possible characteristics are unknown.

However, we can say that this LG G6 Mini (name not yet confirmed) will be ideal for those who like the big screens and do not want to leave a millionaire in a smartphone, because if something seems to inherit this device, it is your body.

The existence of this terminal will also offer LG something more market to move, as it will offer its “flagship” in two different sizes and specifications, such as Samsung, Apple or Huawei.

Anyway, LG’s track record does not inspire us much confidence. First of all, because of its mania to take cut versions of its true top of range according to which countries, and second, because the G4c and the G5 Mini were not exactly very successful.

In short, everything will depend on what LG decides to integrate in this Mini version compared to that of its big brother, that is to say, whether it will inherit its 4 GB of RAM, its 3300 mAh battery or simply its bright double rear camera. Tell me,

Do you think LG will pull this G6 Mini? Would you buy it if it were?

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