Nails All The Trends For Spring-Summer 2016

Nails All The Trends For Spring-Summer 2016

What are the coolest colors on your nails to show off this spring peeked in the backstage of the Spring  Summer 2016 fashion shows to select all the trends to follow. Discover them with us!

Colored in brighter tones, natural or lacquered with dark shades the manicure of all tastes will suit the season.

If you love a gentle and natural manicures, it’s time to show off a nail art in the nude tones and white ivory. The nails are perfectly lacquered and devoid of any ornamentation. If you like light colors, but still want a touch of brightness, apply a nude nail polish with pearl finish.

Do you like the color, but still want a manicure inconspicuous Green light to the glazes in pastel tones. For Spring-Summer colors that will make the case your only baby pink, light blue and light yellow.

Colored glazes in the brightest shades are your passion Unleash your imagination choosing turquoise enamels, barbie pink, strawberry red and electric blue. Apply your favorite nail polish alone or match it to a contrasting tone to create an original nail art.

If you can not give up dark nails even during the summer, opt for classic black, or for elegant shades like rouge noir. Choose from bright super enamel finish for a glossy effect.

Browse the gallery and discover all manicure trend for Spring-Summer 2016!

Hair blond honey products to illuminate them and keep them healthy and shiny

There are many stars that have recently opted for the honey blonde like tint to their hair and not only among the walkways are noticed grain  warm golden hues on the hair. Discover all the products to keep the color bright!

Amy Adams and Emma Stone leave the copper on to arrive at a blond in warm hues, to keep bright and ignited with a special shampoo as the reviver blonde Biopoint Hello Blondie or the Matrix.

Do not forget the conditioner  treatment to be applied after each wash to increase color hold and make it iridescent like the model in the backstage of leitmotif. Try the Blonde Glam Color Enhancer in Rich Vanilla Redken and let it stand for at least 10 minutes.

Would you like a light result, on a basis of already clear brown  blonde Proceed with the spray of John Frieda Go Blonder or the CC cream Magic hair mask in Honey Blonde Collistar.

Browse all the products recommended for her golden hair shining and be inspired by all the nuances of honey blonde!

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