New Energies, Directed By Akiva Goldsman Many Clean Energy

New Energies, Directed By Akiva Goldsman Many Clean Energy

On a more political and anthropological, the thinning of the relationship with the past is evident in the interconnection instant network, in which the so-called social experiences seem to really be forms of solitude, as will signal in a dialogue Zygmunt Bauman and Ezio Mauro.
Although you give a cultural sense of time only by collective configurations, they have an impact on individual experiences and mobilize special virtue, which decline the conduct in relation to time. One of them is certainly the “perseverance” of which will Salvatore Natoli.

At the heart of contemporary experience there is the perception of a crisis in relations between generations, qualitatively different from the conflicts and the “lack of communication” which also marked in the past the relationship between young people and adults: instead foreshadows a real break in the social transmission It is also faced with generations whose boundaries are mobile and unpublished, because the “stages of life” has changed compared to the classical conception: they speak Remo Bodei, while Umberto Galimberti will focus on one of the most enigmatic (and newer) of them, that is adolescence. The urgency of the matter goes indeed to appeal to a new “generational contract”, as Gustavo will Zagrebelsky. In exceptional cases but, because of this, significant, the implicit pact decade and the legacy is not collected, in the proper sense, legal, as with the “vacant goods” that Jean-Luc Nancy offers a philosophical interpretation.

Between the thresholds that you must pass in the path of life, Umberto Curi will favor the “get older”, Kant understood as an achievement of autonomy that presupposes the killing of the father and the emancipation from tradition. Conversely, Marco Aime emphasize the novelty of the contemporary condition, in which the growth and maturation seem to be required without the system of rites of passage that in other cultures and in the past marked the transition between the various stages of life.

Suspended between nature and culture, the chain of generations is organized on the one hand genetic heredity that presides over the transmission of the characters, which will discuss Edward Boncinelli, while the other expresses historically different relations between genres and generations: the transformation of the contemporary family He will dedicate his speech Chiara Saraceno. Within it take shape new experiences and symbolic new social roles, as in the case of mothers (analyzed by Massimo Recalcati) and grandparents (which will focus Vegetti Silvia Finzi).

The theme of cultural affiliation, cornerstone of the relationship between generations, also fits within a theological and biblical: Massimo Cacciari will discuss the status historical and philosophical confrontation between interpretations.

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