A Normal House But With Striking Interiors

A Normal House But With Striking Interiors

In this article you will find many interesting ideas to renovate an attic. Take advantage of a space like this, it made attractive and intimate on the particular coverage and the windows – which give these very special lighting environments – is a fortune! In this project we will see how NUSPACE an attic has been transformed so as to become a modern apartment with all comforts! You are ready

the facade

From the outside, the house has a very traditional look, is perfectly integrated in the residential neighborhood where it is located. The bricking and horizontal windows are the main elements of this facade, overlooking a small outdoor area http://www.indolexa.com. The perimeter wall and fence climbing are other elements that complete this framework as well taken care of.

In the bedroom

And here we are inside! In the bedroom light enters generously, from the large window that allows you to enjoy the green – a truly relaxing detail! The choice to paint the walls bright white and shades to choose for the floor and for textiles of the bed, is perfect for enhancing the natural light. Space is very large and the furniture used – only the necessary – add a touch of character without affecting the sensitivity of this room.

Another point of view

Here the room from another point of view. The sloping roof is really a very nice element, in particular in an intimate setting as the bedroom, makes it even more intimate and relaxing space. The windows are perfect, let you see the first rays of the sun and stars, while comfortably lying in bed!

Very appropriate choice to use wicker furniture, gives a casual and warm touch.

The bathroom

The bathroom is just perfect. It is not particularly wide, but it is so well designed as to ensure maximum comfort. The double sink is a small luxury that not everyone can afford, not to mention the shower, immense, with a huge head and a window to enlighten him!


Here we see the scale, thoroughly coated in the same light carpeting in the bedroom, with the skirting and the handrail in white wood.

Making such a comfortable penthouse is a great choice, also in view of an investment. In fact, if you intend to sell the home, or if you are planning to rent it, even for short periods, a cozy little apartment on the top floor is an excellent solution!

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