Pandan Leaves For Health Benefits


Health Tips – Pandan fragrance (or so-called pandan only) is a very unusual plant useful for everyday life. Pandan leaves very easily be encountered especially in Indonesia, most likely readers already recognize plant species pandan leaves. Pandan leaves including monocot plants from the family Pandanaceae which has a distinctive scented leaves. The leaves are an important component in traditional Indonesian cuisine and the countries of Southeast Asia.

Pandan leaf plants easily found around the yard or grow wild on the edges of the shade ditch. Roots form pandan leaves large, has a taproot that can sustain the trunk when it has grown quite large. Elongated leaf shape is similar to a palm leaf and arranged in a rosette and meetings, the length of these leaves can reach 50cm to 70 cm.

Pandan leaves is a kind of component that is quite important in the culinary traditions of Indonesia and some other Southeast Asian countries thanks to the distinctive scent it produces widely used for perfuming food. Pandan leaves are commonly used to mix in making cakes or other dishes such as beverage compote and black rice porridge, green bean porridge and gruel.

To get a fragrant aroma that is typical of that found in the leaves are still quite fresh or has been a little bit dry. Besides as fragrances in some types of food, pandan leaves can also be used as a source of natural dyes in food, this is to avoid chemicals in artificial dyes. Today many types of artificial colorings that contain harmful chemicals that many in the market.

One alternative to maintaining a clean and healthy food is to use natural materials pandan leaves. In the long term unnatural food dyes can cause various diseases such as diseases related to the gastrointestinal tract, nervous and so forth.

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