Pineapple Fruit for Health Benefits

The following 10 properties pineapple for traditional medicine, there are a lot of chronic diseases that can be cured, what? let’s follow the below.

1. Treating intestinal worms in children
To treat intestinal worms in children younger pineapple take the fruit and peel, wash and rinse with hot water. Then young pineapple in the scar. Furthermore, take the water and Drinks in children who worms.

2. Overcoming the stomach feel full
Pineapple efficacy for other health is to overcome the stomach feel full. The trick is to drink pineapple juice 3 times a day, as many as 150 cc. This pineapple juice drink ½ hour before meals.

3. Treating sprains, bruises
The benefits of pineapple to treat a sprain is to peel a ripe pineapple fruit and juice made. Pineapple juice to drink water at once.

4. burns, boils and itching of the skin
Efficacy pineapple leaf for healthy skin is able to cope with burns, or boils and itching. If you are injured due to burns, or ulcers on the surface of the skin and itching, you can solve it by using pineapple leaves. Take the pineapple leaves and finely crushed, then smeared on wounds or ulcers.

5. Treating strep throat
Benefits of pineapple for strep throat. For those of you who have problems such as strep throat annoying, you can use traditional medicine from pineapple fruit. The trick is to peel the two pieces of ripe pineapple, then a blender or grated. Further use of fine white cloth to squeeze out the water. Collect the water and drink 3 times a day.

6. Overcoming skin inflammation or dermatitis
Efficacy of pineapple fruit for healthy skin inflammation. For those of you who have inflammation of the skin or scaly skin or inflammation of the scalp, use only ripe pineapple fruit. Take ½ pineapple fruit, then grate and use the grater results in skin inflammation.

7. Treating give give
Beriberi disease is a type of disease that causes lack of vitamin B, resulting in swelling of the body. To cope with this disease you can cure with pineapple. 2 Peel the pineapple, then grate and squeeze the juice, drink once. This should be taken when the morning or when the afternoon.

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