Potato Benefits For Health And Beauty

Diabetics really need to be blood sugar levels. Potato is a food that can increase blood sugar levels and from research that has been done there are no adverse effects on diabetics.

Reducing Inflammation

If you’re experiencing inflammation of both external and internal, potatoes can help you to overcome it. Potatoes are easily digestible food and reducing inflammation of the intestines and digestive system. Potatoes can also help overcome inflammation or wound in the mouth. For external inflammation, potato juice is very beneficial for treating bruises, burns, sprains, and ulcers. In addition, potatoes are known to help fight the effects of narcotics and skin problems.

Relieves Stress

Contains vitamin B6, potatoes are very useful to relieve the stress that comes from the mind. Potatoes make the hormone adrenaline which can respond to stress, and eventually making the body relaxes and gives a soothing feeling.

Rich in Antioxidants

Potatoes contain phytochemicals and antioxidants, including flavonoids and ceratonoid. To protect this compound to free radical damage. During Patatin known types of proteins, anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants.

Good For Skin Health

Potatoes contain vitamin C which is very good for your body, especially the skin. Potato juice rubbed on the face area can make your skin beautiful and glowing. Such as cucumber, potato pieces are placed on the eye for 30 minutes, is known to reduce swelling and dark circles under the eyes.

As bidders Natural Toxins

Potatoes can be used as a natural antidote to excessive acid or acidosis. Potatoes important to help the growth of bacteria in the digestive tract of our body. Alkali salt content makes potatoes as one of the most powerful alkaline food, therefore the potato is very useful to keep the body alkaline reserve.

Similarly, a few words about the health benefits of potatoes for hopefully with this article can be your knowledge for all.

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