Red Chili 4 Benefits To Health

Red chilli, known as chili, chili usually can never disappear from the supply of foodstuffs in the kitchen. Red chili into material memperlezat herbs for cooking. Red chili is the requirement to make a spicy, sometimes agonizing stomach if consumed in excess. But the content of the red chili can provide health benefits when consumed with content and appropriate manner.
Here are the efficacy and benefits of red chili for health:
1. Containing Vitamin C
Not just any citrus fruit that contains a lot of vitamin C, but the discovery that mengenjutkan and red chili peppers contain vitamin C which is steeper and also ascorbic acid. Red pepper memili vitmain C is the content so it is recommended to be consumed.
2. Contains vitamin B6 and folic acid
Chilli or cayenne pepper also contains vitamin B6 which is an important element to control sugar levels in the body. Red peppers also have folic acid in large quantities and is a necessary nutrient for the human body.
3. Helps prevent cataracts
In a study involving various foodstuffs, red chili is one food that helps reduce the risk of cataracts terkenan. This is because the role of vitamin C and carotenoids are present in the chili.
4. Preventing heart disease and blood clots
Heart attack to a disease that affects many because of unhealthy lifestyles. Red pepper has the ability to reduce the risk of heart attack and prevent blood clotting when eaten in some form of appropriate presentation.

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