Sprinkler systems part3

All the space in the building to be protected with a sprinkler system, except a certain space that has a license from the authorities such as: fireproof room, toilet room, electrical panel room, stairwell and rooms specially made fireproof. Distributor Johnson Control Indonesia

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# 1. Antifreeze Sprinkler System (a wet system)
system having a wet pipe sprinkler automatic sprinkler piping system which has a settlement to prevent clotting (antifreeze) and is connected to the water supply. Completion of freezing prevention is the concurrent removal of water when a sprinkler system working after the heat of a fire.

# 2. Circulating Closed – Loop Sprinkler System
sprinkler system pipe wet have anti-fire protection that is connected to the automatic sprinkler system in the system arrangement to circulate (Close loop piping arrangement) with the aim to improve the piping sprinkler into the water for heating and cooling where water is trapped or can not be moved or used on the system but merely recirculated through the system piping.

# 3. Combined Dry Pipe – Preaction Sprinkler System
System wet pipe sprinkler that are controlled by an automatic sprinkler system that is already connected to a piping system that has the air under pressure in addition to the detection system installed in the same area with a sprinkler system. The workings of the detection system utilizing tools trip actuator with pipe valve open dry all of a sudden without any loss of air pressure in the system, which can also happen with how to install or open valve exhaust air at the end of the main feed which is usually the opening of a sprinkler head. The detection system also serves the automatic system of fire alarms.

# 4. Deluge Sprinkler System
sprinkler system having a sprinkler open systems that are connected piping to the water supply through a valve that is opened by a detection system installed in the same area as the sprinklers, when the valve is open, the water flows into the system piping and discharged through the sprinkler in case Fire.

# 5. Dry Pipe Sprinkler System
sprinkler system which has automatic sprinklers that have been connected to the pipeline system consists of air or nitrogen gas under pressure, the sprinkler will open if the water pressure to open valve known through pipe valve dry and then the water flows into the piping system and out from an open sprinkler.

# 6. Gridded Sprinkler System
A sprinkler system which has a cross at the main pipe which is connected to a lot of branch pipes. The workings of the sprinkler system will receive water from both ends of the branch pipe when the other branches to help move water between the main crossing.

# 7. Looped Sprinkler System
A sprinkler system in which the major branching much together to set more than one path to the water that flows into the sprinkler system that works and pipe branches which are not connected together.

# 8. Preaction Sprinkler System
A sprinkler system is controlled automatically by a piping system consisting of pressurized air and pressurized with additional detection system installed in the same area as the sprinklers.

# 9. Wet Pipe Sprinkler System
A sprinkler system is controlled automatically by a piping system consisting of water connected to the water supply and the water is discharged back as soon as possible from an open sprinkler in the heat of a fire.

by the number of calculation results for the pipe divider, then the calculation should start from the nearest branch pipeline control valves. If the branch pipe or a single sprinkler head connected to the pipe divider with standpipe, the standpipe considered a pipe divider. Design point is where begins the calculation of divider pipe and pipe branch. In the calculation of the size of the pipe in the sprinkler system pipe size can only be narrowed in line with the direction of water flow.

Flow properties sprinkler head should be use as a jet sprinkler head on, or use as a jet sprinkler head below, or use as a wall sprinkler heads, sprinkler head shapes can be seen in the image below.

Every automatic sprinkler system shall be equipped with at least one type of water supply system that works automatically, pressure and capacity sufficient and reliable every time. The water supply system should be under the control of the owner of the building or fully represented. The water used should not contain fiber or other materials that can interfere with the sprinkler, the connection to the city network system may be acceptable where sufficient capacity and pressure as well as the tank is placed at a certain height and planned to be accepted as a water supply system.

Office buildings for fire hazards, water supply must be able to drain the water with a capacity of 225 liters / min and a pressure of 2.2 kg / cm2 plus a water pressure equivalent to the height difference between the highest sprinkler control valves with. Fire pump should be placed such that it is easily reached within an office building or placed in a fireproof building outside the office building. Fire pumps should not be used for purposes other than fire, for fire hazard office buildings minimum size is 65 mm suction pipe. The pump should be run by an electric motor or the diesel engine and jockey pump run by an electric motor in which the capacity of the fuel tank for diesel motors for office building fire hazard is 3 hours (refer to SNI 03-3989-2000)

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