Tips on Building Fire Rescue High

The medical staff of Fire Service and Disaster Management (Damkar PB) Jakarta, Joko reveals a number of suggestions in order to not get stuck in the middle of the smoke and flames. Moreover, tall buildings in Jakarta are also vulnerable from fire hazards. Here are tips in the event of a fire in a tall building, earthquake kit


1. Crawling and find the emergency staircase

Smoke generated from a fire will poison everyone who breathe it. However, the smoke can still be avoided by crawling.

This method is very effective, because there is a residual oxygen flowing at the bottom of the smoke. By doing so, they are trapped is still able to breathe and find a safe location.

2. Use the emergency staircase

While avoiding the smoke by means of a crawl, it is advisable to immediately find the location of the emergency stairs. Each of the buildings across the capital is required to establish an emergency ladder in case of disaster.

The emergency stairs covered with material that can prevent the entry of flames into the inside. If you sign in as a group, are advised not to panic and hastily left the scene of the fire.

If it is difficult to find, the location of the emergency stairs are usually marked by an exit or exit. Not only that, the letter remains lit so it can be seen even in the dark.

3. Approach the window and avoid the use of the lift

If you already trapped by the flames are advised to immediately seek the outer window. In addition to be able to get fresh air, that position could be easier for officers when carrying out the evacuation process.

Moreover, Jakarta Fire Department is equipped with Bronto Skylift vehicle that has stairs and extinguishers. They were stuck in the middle of the smoke and flames could be immediately dropped and medical treatment if needed.

It is strictly forbidden to use the lift time of the fire. Because, they are desperate to operate the lift could run the risk of a more fatal.

“If you play to the high-rise building that must be sought is the emergency stairs, because if there is a fire or earthquake, the emergency staircase that is the road. Then it is important to note from the start,

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