Tips for Overcoming Obstacles Success in Work


Overcoming inhibitors of success in work – Many people who are successful in their respective fields of work and the motivation for many people, but not a few who failed in their work. but actually no words fail if we are still trying and do not stop our work is not it? People who can be said to fail is that they stop what they are doing and stop learn to rise from their failures.

Well this time I’ll share a little about how tips tas ultah anak or troubleshooting tips recommended by a successful businessman what we summarized from site to site a top entrepreneur. Tips on how tips Mark Zuckerberg’s success with social media Facebook, Richard Branson, who successfully pass their business empire that is the Virgin Group, Larry Page and Sergey Brin were successful with the world ie internet giant Google Inc and other world leaders businessman figures, the following tips.

Overcoming Obstacles Success In Work

Overcoming Obstacles Success In Work

Love your job
Loving your job is key tips to success in business or work, you know what the name of “love”, things that do wholeheartedly without complaining, always studying and learning without a broken spirit, willing to sacrifice time and energy and in the end you will find what you are “cintakan”. Look how richards Branson someone who is successful in the business world did not even graduate from high school because choosing pursue his love of doing business that is small but just right and he could set up hundreds of companies from small business to become a business empire called Virgin Group. Mark Zuckerberg’s success with Facebook because of his passion in dunai programing start messing tweaking the program website and find facebook for the first time in the garage of the hostel campus and now social media facebook become a giant with earning millions of dollars per month. Love your work is the way you succeed in business or a business.

Whatever you are fully present will be the extraordinary things in the future if you encintai your job no matter how small the job you have today.

Set goals (goals) clear
By setting goals that are relevant and will obviously make you can always control your job or business with a solid plan and remain on a positive track. Look Jan Koum whatsapp inventors have included millionaire world after his application that WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook Inc. in February 2014. Who jan Koum? His childhood he was a very poor and living only with the mother a widow, because the target is large and realistic he moved to the USA and set goals that someday will be programing popular applications and in fact it proved, with the computer battered that he buy to learn programing he found WhatApps.

Never pessimistic and compare the limitations of yourself
Most people will always be pessimistic to stare at something big, as examples of how you will be answering questions to me that you make the best Can They? Of course the answer you “can not”, “no way I’m just a high school graduate,” “I am not a scholar low”, “I am not an expert aero dynamics such as BJ Habibie” etc. Well things are pessimistic and squeezed always felt incompetent and compare with others that makes you do not succeed with your business or job. Look Jan Koum which only poor children a widow’s son, Mark Zuckerberg who started the program a social media with computer battered in the garage dormitory campus, Richard branson even graduated high school course not, merke can be rich and successful as they are optimistic and always looked at targets that are relevant and do not bind themselves to the limitations that they have.

Wearing a principle of life that one is “What others say”
For instance, when you work hard in your job or we want to establish good communication with superiors, and others say “you lick ya …” What is your response? Do we stop to build a good relationship with the boss, and hear comments of people around? Or vice versa? Most of us would be embarrassed and even follow the words of others that we do not say sycophant, right?

When our actions are often based on what anybody else says, then the negative comments of others, will kill the spirit of our lives. The more we contemplate the negative words of others, the more we do not have the power struggle in the face of adversity. Change the principle of life “What did the others”, the life principle “What God says about me.”

Fears and more focus on the negative things alone
Many people fail in business and their job because they are too worried about something that has not happened and is more focused on the negative alone. Many employees and professionals focused on ugliness boss, reflect and gossip weaknesses superiors, complaining about the company’s policies are not liked, and so on. If we too focus on the bad things that happen in the workplace, then we will easily discouraged.

So we could not see anymore “bright side” and the opportunities that arise. We must remember this formula: “when we focus on negative things, then we would have lost the fighting spirit, and vice versa, if we focus on the positive things alone, then we will rise up work motivation”.

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