Turns Subhanallah Daun Serai Have 15 Benefits Of Health And Beauty

Lemongrass leaves benefits for health, for skin and beauty are no longer for Indonesian society. Indonesia’s population baseball must have been familiar with lemongrass leaves. lemongrass leaves is one of the ingredients for any dish typical of Indonesia.

Turns Subhanallah Daun Serai Have 15 Benefits Of Health And Beauty

As we know, the seasoning of lemongrass can produce such a sour aroma of lemon, to add flavor to the food so tasty. lemongrass besides taken usefulness for cooking, it also has benefits for our bodies. lemongrass leaves has become one of the most popular materials in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Indonesia and some African countries and the American continent for culinary and medicinal needs.

Benefits and efficacy of lemongrass leaves benefits and efficacy of lemongrass leaves so many health for all, baseball wonder he is often treated as a herbal remedy for any illness complaints.

1. Anti-cancer leaves this lemongrass contains citral, one of which anti-cancer substances that can prevent cancer cells. but still maintain healthy tissue cells in our bodies. but this baseball means that the drink boiled water or tea lemongrass permanently cancer. but was able to help.

2. Overcoming diabetes results for lemongrass tea can help create clean or ditoksifikasi pancreas that increases the functionality to be able to lower blood sugar levels in the disease diabetes.

3. Can overcome anemia leaves of lemongrass has an iron content which is so important for ksintetis hemoglobin (a protein in the blood cells responsible for carrying oxygen all of the body). Lemongrass also can help all kinds of anemia, most notably as a result of a lack of iron.

4. Can clean bacterial and fungal infections Blessing of the content of the anti-septic properties, lemongrass tea drinking can help create micro-organisms eliminate evil on the body, and remove bacteria, fungi, yeast, and purify the blood.

5. Anti-septic and anti-inflammatory For anti-septic and anti-inflammatory, lemon grass juice can be used as an herb that is so important to cope with arthritis, urinary tract inflammation, and gout.

6. Can be used as a wind oil leaves lemongrass essential oil content has to be able to help the balsamic action that can be used on problems in the respiratory tract. This generally leaves lemon grass can be used for symptom relief associated together such as flu and cold fever efficacy of ginger make things warm up.

7. Detoxification

Anti-septic, anti-oxidants, and the diuretic effect of lemon grass leaves used as an herb that is very important to be included in the diet as detoxification. this process is so helpful at all for cleaning and purifying the liver, uterus bladder, kidney, improve blood circulation, and pancreas.

8. Can you lose weight Drink lemon grass tea can help make fat melt together how to detoxify. diuretic effect can help to smooth the BAB in a high volume, fast, and effective, leading to weight loss.

9. Insomnia Insomnia or sleeplessness can occur because to baseball imbalance of chemicals in the body as well as neurological disorders. refining activities as well as the soothing effect of lemongrass helps to improve the process and also the quality of sleep.

10. Can reduce cholesterol leaves of lemongrass has an anti-cholesterol and anti-atherosclerosis in both of them it can help to reduce cholesterol absorption from the intestine and the oxidation of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood, to counteract one of the first process in the formation of atherosclerotic plaque.

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