Zara Handbags For Fall-Winter 2016, The Most Beautiful Of The Coming Season

Zara Handbags For Fall-Winter 2016, The Most Beautiful Of The Coming Season

Bags Zara autumn winter 2016, here’s all the news for the season that will be presented by renowned Spanish giant’s low cost. There is something for all tastes and needs: from the shoulder straps to wear the handbag from day to evening there will be spoiled for choice.

Refined forms, neutral palette here is how Zara quietly charms us makes me want to be overwhelmed by the shopping autumn; but meanwhile prendiamocela calmly and let us enjoy a preview of the new collection of bags of Spanish giant!

In the wake of the most luxurious collections, Zara delights us with a line of bags that will fulfill the needs of the most demanding woman, who claim to be able to use the same bag for both day and evening The strong models of the new collection of Zara bags for autumn winter 2015 are undoubtedly the front flap handbag with rigid metal lock, one of those accessories that can be worn at any time of the day. Bags perfect for both day and evening, available in a wide range of colors ranging from classic autumn shades, such as black and dark blue, in shades that contrast with the more aggressive palette of neutral colors.

And the lovers dell’animalier? Even they remain unhappy because Zara offers us many models with alligator print, decidedly modern design, as well as proposals handbag in bright colors such as red, turquoise, color sorbet and romantic powder pink.

There are also many models with a vertical design that are perfect for the office, but there are handbags with shoulder strap to wear in the evening or during leisure time, provided you are willing to give up a little ‘space. Too early for shopping autumn? Meanwhile then enjoy a small preview of the new collection of bags Zara autumn winter 2016 directly in our gallery!

Accessories, as mentioned, make the difference: bags, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and hats should always be, but must be combined with taste, as the occasion. The simple tunic, for example, can be enhanced by long necklaces of colored beads and hoop earrings decorated as a mini-dress etiquette can only be combined with white pearls or coral and turquoise jewelry, materials and colors reminiscent of the sea and summer.

In our gallery you will find many suggestions to be taken on the look for a drink at the beach: sfogliatela to get ideas!

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